1981 -  Born in Gainesville, GA on January 14th.  Given name:  Brandon Lee Reeves.

1986 -  Brandon first becomes interested in music from hearing the radio with parents.  Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp.  Brandon gets his first guitar.  It's half way between a toy and a real guitar.  Brandon has no idea how to make this new machine function and is honestly a little disappointed because he really wanted the kind of guitar he'd seen Bruce Springsteen play.

1989 -  First concert.  Aerosmith at the Omni in Atlanta with dad.  If we weren't in the front row we were very close.  Pretty cool.  We were sitting right in front of Joe Perry.

1992 -  First real guitar for Christmas.  Washburn acoustic.  Starting taking lessons 3 days later from Ted Tuck at Promusic.

1994 -  First performance.  Sat in with Captain Luther Howdy and The Prozac Cowboys at the Monkey Barrel in G-ville.  We played All Along the Watchtower.  I'm sure it was terrible, but was also more fun than I had ever experienced.

1996 - First band.  Vapid.  Terrible name.  Bud Harris-bass, Buddy Buttram-drums, Matt Heard-vocals.  We played a bizarre mixture of heavy metal, blues, classic rock and punk cover tunes.  We played maybe 2 gigs.  Mostly practiced.

1998 -  Second band.  Nomad.  Michael Smith-guitar/vocals.  It seems like we went through a bunch of other musicians.  Bud Harris, Philip Griffith, Carl Smith, Brian Gerwig, Jerome McCubbins.  

1999 -  Graduated high school and went to Gainesville college where I played in the jazz band and took some other music classes.  Theory, ear training, jazz guitar lessons.

2001 -  Started teaching guitar lessons at Ted's Promusic in March.

2002 -  Transfered to Georgia State University where I would finish up my bachelor of music degree in jazz studies.  Crucial musical development period.

2005 - Graduated from GSU.  Aquired the nickname Deacon from blues gigs with Rev. Dr. Doo Hickman.

2006 - Lots of gigs.  Recorded and released a solo acoustic record called One of These Days.  I still have a few laying around.  It's not too bad.

2007 -  Moved to Kennesaw.  Started teaching at Ponier Music.

2008 -  Started the trio.  Won the Eddie's Attic open mic and competed in the Shootout for the 1st time.

2009 -  Played almost 100 gigs.  Relased a record with the trio:  Emilia.  You should check it out.

2010 -  More gigs.  Around 150.  

2011 -  Released the internet only album Live At Twelve Oaks.  Started traveling.  Gigs in Birmingham, Asheville, Greenville, Athens, Macon.

2012 - Opened for  Tab Benoit at Smith's Olde Bar in front of a sold out crowd.  Also opened for the New Orlean Suspects in Birmingham and Graham Colton in Atlanta.  Released 12-10-11 @ Eddie's Attic on April 6th- a live album from Eddie's attic in Decatur for free download.

2013 -  New Album, A Decent Melody, in February.  Opened for Karla Bonoff at Eddie's Attic for a sold out show.  Gigs, gigs, gigs.

2014 - Lots of tour dates around the southeast.  Working on a new solo acoustic video album.  Stay tuned.